Emergency fuel vouchers now available from Finchal Group

7th August 2020

Over 200,000 UK households risk falling into fuel poverty as the economy struggles to come out of the coronavirus lockdown. This stark warning from the warning from the End Fuel Poverty Coalition comes as Public Health England declare there is "clear evidence on the links between cold temperatures and respiratory problems". People with long term lung conditions and respiratory problems are among the groups most vulnerable to developing severe Covid-19 symptoms.

Thanks to funding from the Energy Redress Covid 19 scheme, Finchale Group can now provide emergency fuel vouchers to those on a pre-paid meter (not British Gas) who are at risk of disconnection. To qualify, clients will need to provide the following:

Proof that they are on a pre-payment meter – this could be a letter from their energy supplier, a photo of their pre-payment card or meter
Be in danger of self-disconnecting and have had financial issues as a result of the pandemic
Proof of ID and address
Confirm that they can receive email vouchers

Vouchers are limited to a maximum of three per household per year and applications must be made by the person claiming the voucher.

All clients requiring support should be asked to complete an online application or if they require further support call 0191 386 2634 or email email us.

When they apply they will get this confirmation

Thank you for completing the application for Energy Vouchers.
We now need you to send the following by email to
Subject Line FAO Lisa Gordon - Energy Vouchers

Scan or photo of Driving Licence or Passport. Proof of Address - Driving Licence or Official letter such as Council Tax or Utility Bill. A photo of your prepayment meter or prepayment card or the prepayment app account on your phone.

On receipt of all 3 requirements a voucher will be emailed to the applicant or to her or his Work Coach or Case Worker.

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